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Things To Do Before A Veteran Dies

One of the eventualities in life...an unpleasant one to be sure, but one that the spouses and families of veterans must keep in mind.  In the inevitable death of a veteran, to help ease the burdens on a newly deceased veteran's family during this emotionally trying time, certain preparations should be made in advance.  Here are a few of the more important papers and useful information to have on hand.

Important Records

The first step to be accomplished by all families is to have easy access to the following papers and records.

The American Legion has fully accredited Service Officers located in each VA Regional Office.  These representatives are at your service to help develop and file claims and assist you and/or your dependents in applying for the various benefits to which you may be entitled.  It is recommended that you list numbers and locations of the following noted items so that your family will have the details necessary to file for benefits if you are incapacitated or deceased.  You should file this information in a safe place at home or provide it to the Post for safekeeping.