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8666 Silver Lake Drive, Perry Hall, Maryland




A group of 17 World War I veterans from the communities of Overlea and Perry Hall joined together in early 1936 and submitted an application to start an American Legion Post.  A temporary charter, naming the Post as Overlea Post 130, was issued on December 16, 1936.  The first meetings were held in the then Fullerton Post Office located on Belair Road near what is now the Beltway with James H. (Babe) Dunty, the Postmaster, serving as Commander.  A permanent charter was issued on May 20, 1940 and the Post closed their charter membership roll with exactly 50 members.

Not to be outdone, the wives banded together and submitted an application to start an Auxiliary Unit of Post 130.  Their charter was issued on April 22, 1940 and they closed their charter roll with 16 members.

After the Post Office was moved to a smaller location, the Post met at various members' homes and finally settled in a classroom at Fullerton Elementary School.  In September of 1947, the Post purchased it's first "home" at 7523 Belair Road.  It might be noted here the home was purchased under the Administration of James A. (Jim) Cloman, who at 22 years of age was the youngest Commander of an American Legion Post elected to that office.

As membership increased and because of limited parking facilities, the Post decided to sell their property and purchase ground which would allow for expansion.  In August 1962, 10.5 acres of ground, at our present location, was purchased from the Hora Brothers Florist.  As a note of nostalgia, a special general meeting was called on the property, under the trees, by Commander "Uncle" Lew Walter, where it was voted to purchase the property.  At that meeting, World War I member John (Snuffy) Volmert actually donated a sock with 25 one dollar bills in it, toward the purchase of the property.

To regress slightly, due to a $6,000.00 loan with the Kingsville Bank, we were notified that the Post must file Incorporation papers.  This was accomplished and we became formally incorporated on March 18, 1948.  At the Post's request, the National Organization, on March 15, 1961 issued a supplemental Charter naming our Post as Overlea-Perry Hall Post 130.  Subsequently new Incorporation papers were issued on July 10, 1964 re-electing the name.

In early 1963 a building permit was issued and what we now know as our small hall was completed.  This construction was under the first administration of Walter R. Frank Jr., with Joe Lubner as our first Building Committee Chairman.

The Post made application to start a Sons of the American Legion Squadron and a charter was issued on May 25, 1961.  Roll closed with 28 members and rose to 97 members in 1969 making it the largest Squadron in the Department of Maryland at that time.

In 1960, under the administration of George (Buzz) Cloman, we were able to burn our mortgage on the Belair Road property.  In 1970, under the third administration of Robert C. Burton, Jr., we were able to redeem the last bond on our first building at our present location. 

On December 8, 1974, under Commander Walt Frank, Jr., and Building Committee Chairman Ronald Pillar, ground breaking ceremonies were held for our present facility.  After a monumental struggle and mainly through the efforts of Past Commander James (Jim) Amick, the lounge and kitchen facility was completed and a occupancy permit was issued in September 1980.  In 1981, upon Jim's unfortunate death, the Post voted unanimously to name our lounge as "The James Amick Lounge".

The fruition of our efforts were finally realized and in 1983, under the administration of Eugene (Kelly) McKenna, our present facility was completed.  After nearly 10 years in the making it was "a dream come true" to all of us.

The small hall was completely refurburished in 2010.  Also, the patio roof outback was completely rebuilt due to the collapse of the old roof during the back-to-back blizzards of February 2010. 

The lounge was refurbished in November 2015.  The cost was raised by a fund raiser Golf Tournament.  The tournament was run by Legionnaires Don Burks, Al Leikum, Tom McMahan and SAL members Barry White and Gene Ruby plus Ladies Auxiliary members Rena Martinek, Darlene Canon and Mary Long.  Volunteers from the Post family enabled the tournament to run smoothly.

These were accomplishments under the administration of Robert (Bob) Watson Sr., who served as Commander from 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2012-2013 and 2015-2016.

New floor tiles were installed in the small and large halls in November 2016.  The cost was raised by a fund raiser Golf Tournament held in May 2016.  As before, the tournament was run by the same legion family members who presided over the 2015 tournament.

The Bingo Board was replaced in May 2017.  A portion of the parking lot that was in bad shape was repaired and new asphalt applied in May 2017.

A new heating and air conditioning unit was installed in the lounge in July 2017.

A block window was installed in the lounge replacing the old air conditioning unit in October 2017.

Long time employee James McCann passed away suddenly on Father's Day, 17 June 2018.  A Celebration of his Life was held on 1 July 2018 in the post main hall.  Over 160 people attended.  James was remembered fondly and will be sorely missed.

A new tile floor was installed in the post lounge and ladies room on 26 February 2019.  Home Depot donated the cost, materials and labor.

A new countertop was installed behind the bar in the lounge on 14 August 2019.

These were accomplishments under the administration of Charles A. (Chuck) Poehler who served as Commander from  2011-2012, 2014-2015, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019.

Commander Poehler resigned on 31 July 2019.  1st Vice Commander William S. (Steve) Mattes became the new Commander for 2019-2020 as of that date.

It has been a long struggle but we now see the fruits of our labors.  To those members, both past and present, who have given time and effort, we give our undying gratitude. 

To our Past Commanders, for their guidance, we offer a Legion right hand salute!  To our Auxiliary Unit, loyally by our side throughout the years, we give a big kiss and to our S.A.L. Squadron, who will continue what we have started, our right hand of thanks.

The past 83 years have been a myriad of hard work, disappointments and heartaches but through it all we are so proud of our accomplishments.  We never lost track of our duty to Community, State and Nation.  We hope for the future that we have laid a solid foundation for our followers.




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